Company Profile

Custom production of engineering components and systems, design of technological solutions, production of prototypes.

Based on the provided data, we make parts, or complete systems from a broad range of certified materials. Long-term experience in the field provides our customers with a stable base. Within the framework of consultations, we design technological solutions, their modification and production of prototypes. We adapt the production process individually according to the given requirements. Typical production covers machining of larger dimension structures, shafts, fittings, gear wheels, semi-finished products, forgings and eventually assembly of systems and repairs. We are currently handling custom production for many of our permanent customers.

An integral part of our corporate strategy is personnel agenda including planned acquisition of prospective members of our team. We focus on improvement of the qualifications and motivation of employees, ergonomic and at the same time pleasant working environments. We currently have 30 permanent employees.


“Strojírenská výroba Kalinowski” was established in 1993 and is tied to family tradition as well as the operating location. In the beginning, the Company was based in a family home of an approximate 80 m2 area, where the Company primarily made simple spare parts for forestry and building construction machinery and other smaller size parts after the initial investments in machinery. In 1996, the Company moved to a production hall of an approximate 700 m2 area and also hired the first 3 employees. Thanks to new, larger production premises, it was possible to continue with investments and thus increase the production potential of the Company and hence also further commercial exploitation.

A further milestone is transformation into “Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o.” in 2003.

In 2006, the premises Strojosvit-1 were acquired, which are located in the town centre. In the period 2006-2008, the production hall and adjacent premises were reconstructed. At the beginning of 2009, the Company moved to production premises of an approximate 4,200 m2 area, which facilitated further development of the Company. New, more advanced technology was acquired, mainly larger machinery (WRD-130 Q, TUR-1350, BUC E 85/5.000). The team of qualified employees is continuously being expanded.

The character of the initial piece and small series production has been retained. We newly also focus on processing of dimensionally more demanding parts. Effective planning with focus on expansion and modernisation of the machinery park has increased production several-fold to the current volume. The initial conventional equipment has gradually been supplemented with CNC machines, which enable the improvement of efficiency and acceleration of the production process. We subsequently solve the requirements for monitoring and planning of production through the BusinessManager 3000 information system, which is used to process and evaluate the progress of job orders including generation of production orders, documentation, electronic control of technological processes and warehouse management.


  • 1993 - Establishment of “Strojírenská výroba Kalinowski”, gradual acquisition of the first machines
  • 1995 - acquisition of a production hall, repair and reconstruction of a new place of business
  • 1996 - moving of the Company – acquisition of larger production premises, change from 80 m2 to approx. 700 m2, first 3 employees, investments in new technologies, substantial
  • 2001 - purchase of the first CNC machines, gradual hire of qualified employees
  • 2003 - transformation into Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o.
  • 2006 - auctioning of the Strojosvit 1 premises in the town centre of an approximate total 20,000 m2 area comprising a production hall (current premises) of 4,200 m2 area .
  • 2006/2008 - extensive reconstruction of the premises and production hall
  • 2008/2009 - movement of the Company to new premises
  • 2009/2014 - acquisition of larger machines, new technologies (WRD 130, TUR 1350, BUC E 85/5.000)