Terms of use

Company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. is owner, data producer and network operator of SW www.kalinowski.cz with its home pages address www.kalinowski.cz and has competence to distribute its information in accordance with legislation of Czech Republic. Using server www.kalinowski.cz you declare that you understand and agree with this condition of usage. Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. reserves the privilege to change and update this conditions at any time so we recommend you to check if you agree with it.
Company Kalinowski s.r.o. can change content or the way of usage of server www.kalinowski.cz at any time as well as restrict its availability (either completely or its parts) for all visitor or particular users.

Responsibility and guarantee elimination

  • Every user enters www.kalinowski.cz and uses this websites on its own responsibility. Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. is not responsible for accuracy, entireness and recency of the content of server www.kalinowski.cz.
  • Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. has no liability for any damage, neither direct damage nor consequential loss, incurred in connection with usage of www.kalinowski.cz server. There is no liability for damage caused due to particular or whole malfunction of server www.kalinowski.cz as well.
  • Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. has no responsibility for verity, content and form of advertisement which are placed on www.kalinowski.cz as well as Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. does not guarantee any obligations arising from advertisement which are published on server www.kalinowski.cz.

Distributing of content of server www.kalinowski.cz

Content of server www.kalinowski.cz and its particular implements are not allowed to be used by the other side in order to make a profit. Furthermore is prohibited to alter and interfere with content of server www.kalinowski.cz.

You are competent to use documents form this server providing that:
  • all copies include copyright endorsement
  • usage of documents from www.kalinowski.cz server is informative only, not commercial and for personal purpose. These documents will neither be copied nor exposed on any network computer as well as will not be broadcasted in any kind of media
  • documents will be edited in no manner. Usage in different purpose is punishable according to the penalty and civil law

Source of information

Server www.kalinowski.cz includes data, analysis, views and references from individuals and establishments which Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. employees found interesting. With regard to possibility of hazard connected with information distribution, the delay during data transmission, inaccuracy or change of content are possible. Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. has no responsibility for that. Company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. and its suppliers forgo to all guarantees and conditions which are related to information including all supposed guarantees relating to merchantability, propriety for definite purpose, property rights and integrity of contract. Company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. is no responsible for any damage, losses as a result of unavailability of usage, data or profit.

Privacy policy

For using server www.kalinowski.cz no insert of personal details is required. If client is interested in using some special service from server www.kalinowski.cz, he/she will be asked to register. Registration includes giving us some basic information which security and possible usage specify next paragraphs. Some data granted during usage of server www.kalinowski.cz are personal by course of law 101/2000 Sb. about data security (thereafter Law only). Company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o., a.s. follows fully this Law and does all necessary steps to secure this personal data.

Usage of registration information:

  • The registration required introducing some of important details for further communication with client.
  • All granted data are established for responsible Strojírny Kalinowski's employees only and there will not be granted to third party.
  • Server www.kalinowski.cz and its operator, the company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o. retains the right to use e-mail addresses of clients to send them information about news and new services.
  • Each registered data user has the right to refuse at any time sending these emails either while first registration has been done or as an answer to some of delivered mail.
  • The company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o., a.s. will do all possible to secure data of server www.kalinowski.cz users from abuse and will not grant them to third party.
  • This does not refer to data which The Police of Czech Republic or other state bodies required according to the valid regulations.

Extension of required information:

  • In case of contests, quizzes or other similar activities server www.kalinowski.cz is allowed to demand more personal details from users. This information is needed to proof of identity and it is according to the valid regulations. This data will be applied in case of distribution of contest results and will not be granted to third party.
  • Any information which user of server www.kalinowski.cz will grant to third part during good purchasing are safeguarded according to the rules of this partner and they do not relate to this arrangement.
  • Under the law each user, who granted his/her personal details has the right to ask operator (Company Strojírny Kalinowski s.r.o.) to provide him/her with information which personal data are processed.